About Us

My obsession with cupcakes and baking delicious cakes first started 13 years ago with the birth of my daughter. Year after year, birthday cake after birthday cake, cupcake after cupcake, function after function and 2 children later the ideas and creations kept flowing. I began to explore my love and passion of fresh quality food and baking to create individual fantasies for friends and family.


It wasn’t until I listened to the over enthusiastic voices of people that tried my creations that convinced me to start a business. With an artistic background in Interior Design (leaving it behind after 20 years) and love for color, texture, creativity and baking, I realized there was a link and began expressing myself using eggs, flour, sugar and more!! (Who would’ve thought!!!)


My sensational cupcake creations are baked fresh from scratch using all natural ingredients, like pure butter, cream, fresh eggs, natural sugar, quality cream cheese, Belgian chocolate and more.  None of that processed packaged stuff!! Even the fruit purees used in some of the cupcake flavors and icings are made fresh using natural fruit. No preservatives are added whatsoever! That’s why they taste amazing, so eat them within 3 days, as they are freshest and softest consumed in this time frame.  (If they last that long !!)


If you or a family member have special dietary requests such as  nut, gluten, egg or dairy  don’t hesitate to ask as I  cater for this.  My children both have nut allergies so doing this is second nature to me and I do not use nuts in any of my baking. Give me a call to discuss special dietary requirements and am sure I can satisfy cupcake lovers that are gluten and vegan free eaters with my GF and Vegan flavor selection.


I believe “The best things in life come in small packages.” Try them and you will see! Welcome to my Cupcake Sensation world, where the most beautiful edible fantasies become reality. Browse through and see what’s baking and call for custom baked and designed cupcakes to suit your next event or function. Join me on facebook, can’t wait to hear from you.