Personalized Cupcakes in Melbourne


Are you looking for a delicious treat to serve to family and friends? Here at Cupcake Sensation we provide custom baked cupcakes for a range of special occasions. Whether you are after treats for a corporate event, your birthday or even a wedding, you are sure to find the perfect flavour with our team.

As well as having a wide selection of flavours (listed below), we help customers find the perfect solution for their particular event with personalized delights in Melbourne. Choose from a wide range of decorations and colours to create a dessert that complements the theme of your celebration.


Banana-Explosion.JPG - large

Banana Explosion

Super soft, moist and releasing an amazing aroma of fresh banana, our custom baked cupcakes are sure to impress. With a hint of citrus zing and spice, our unique combination is the perfect accompaniment to morning tea or an anytime treat. Topped off with a gorgeous cream cheese frosting and sugar banana. Simply delectable!


Standard Size: $3.80 each


Mini Size: $2.30 each

Choc-Mint-Overload.JPG - large

Choc Mint Overload

A cupcake with an intense mint flavour through and through. A super moist and dark velvety chocolate, with the enticing aroma of mint. Topped off with the lightness and creaminess of buttercream lightly infused with mint. Decorated with lashings of crushed chocolate peppermint crisp. If you love mint then you will love this creation which truly captures the essence of this exciting flavor.


Standard size:  $3.80


Mini Size: $2.30 each

Chocolate-Sensation.JPG - large

Chocolate Sensation

An old favourite and a popular choice among customers of all ages, our chocolate treats are bound to impress. Made with the finest quality dark chocolate and finished off with a light, fluffy and smooth chocolate buttercream, the flavour is set to please all you chocolate lovers out there. Topped with fine chocolate shavings, chocolate indulgence cannot get better than this!

  • Also available in gluten free and Vegan


Standard Size: $3.80 each


Mini Size: $2.30 each



Divine-Carrot.JPG - large

Divine Carrot

Simple by name, however full of irresistible flavour. A cupcake traditionally made the same way my mother taught me. Full of delicious juicy carrots, currants, apple, walnuts and just the right balance of spices to get it just right. Topped off with a traditional cream cheese frosting, pale and fluffy to melt in your mouth. Decorated with an edible sugar carrot. One of my personal favorites, try them for yourself, but warning you cannot just have one. Simply Divine!


Standard Size: $3.80 each


Mini Size: $2.30 each


Lemon-Delight.JPG - large

Lemon Delight

Needless to say they are a pure delight. Fluffy, moist, velvety in texture infused with the juice of fresh lemons. Topped off with a lemon buttercream frosting to add more lemon citrus zing to these already delightful little cakes. Decorated with an edible iced lemon. These can be custom baked for any occasion or just as a daytime treat. Enjoy!


Standard Size: $3.80 each


Mini Size: $2.30 each

Oreo-Dream.JPG - large

Cookies and Cream

If you have an undying love of Oreo cookies then you will love these gorgeous custom baked cupcakes. A moist and velvety chocolate flavoured delight with a surprise whole Oreo cookie inside. These delectable mini treats are topped off with luxurious Oreo buttercream and decorated with a mini Oreo cookie. Definitely an Oreo lover’s dream come true.


Standard Size: $3.80 each


Mini size:  $2.30 each



Coconutlime.JPG - large

 Coconut Lime

A super moist, light and fluffy coconut and fresh lime creation. The combination of fresh lime and beautiful smooth coconut milk will send you to paradise. Topped off with exotic coconut buttercream and shavings of fresh lime.


Standard Size:  $3.80 each


Mini Size:  $2.30 each

Red-Velvet.JPG - large

Red Velvet

 As luxurious as the name depicts! This cupcake is sheer indulgence. A gorgeous moist red chocolate flavour with a smooth velvety texture. Iced with an elegant smooth cream cheese frosting. A perfect combination marrying the two together to create mouthwatering perfection. The ultimate in tasting pleasure. Decorated with a fine sprinkle of red velvet crumbs.


Standard Size: $3.80 each


Mini Size: $2.30 each




Mocha.JPG - large


Mocha Sensation


A velvety moist chocolate infused with coffee flavour. Added to this luxurious shavings of delicate dark chocolate baked through to intensify the mocha flavour. Topped with light and fluffy coffee buttercream and lightly dusted with cocoa powder. Finished off with a chocolate wafer biscuit, pure indulgence for coffee and chocolate lovers.


Standard size:  $3.80 each  


Mini Size :  $2.30 each


Strawberry.JPG - large

 Strawberry Sensation


A beautifully moist cupcake made with real strawberries. Its light and fluffy texture makes it a pleasure to indulge on any occasion. Iced with elegant swirls of pure strawberry buttercream, pure heaven!


Standard Size:  $3.80 each


Mini Size:  $2.30 each

DSC_0397.JPG - large

 Toffee Crunch


A delicious rich chocolate made with the purest cocoa powder and finest freshest ingredients. Elegantly piped with vanilla buttercream, and sprinkled with my home made toffee and drizzled with dark chocolate ganache. A heavenly cupcake to be enjoyed by all you chocolate sinners out there.


Standard Size:  $3.80 each


Mini Size:  $2.30 each

Vanilla-Sensation.JPG - large

Vanilla Sensation

An incredibly light, moist vanilla flavoured cupcake, with a beautifully smooth texture making it a pleasure to eat. Vanilla doesn’t have to be boring anymore, nor does it get any better than this, with the rich vanilla flavour and melt in the mouth experience. Topped off with a wonderfully pale and fluffy vanilla buttercream with just the right amount of sweet to give it the ultimate vanilla experience. Decorated lightly with coloured sprinkles.

  • Also available in gluten and vegan free


Standard Size: $3.80 each


Mini Size: $2.30 each

 Jumbo-White-Choc-Cupcake-Cake.JPG - large

Jumbo Cake

As well as our mini personalized cupcakes we offer an extra-large jumbo cupcake available as a cake on their own or as a cutting cake on top of a tower. These custom baked delights are available in a variety of flavours, toppings and decorations to suit your occasion.

Prices start at $75 and include one colour buttercream.

Base also available in a milk, dark or white chocolate shell. Price starts at $90 with one color buttercream on top.


Serves - 10 to 12 people. 


Interested in personalized delights for a Melbourne event? Please call for a quote for your next function.





Standard size minimum order 12


Mini size minimum order 24