Gluten Free and Vegan Cupcakes in Melbourne

There are many adults and children with special dietary requirements, which can make finding delicious treats a bit harder. Here at Cupcake Sensation, we want to give all of our customers a chance to enjoy our delicious products, by making vegan and gluten free delights in Melbourne. Whether you are intolerant to wheat, are allergic to egg, or wish to avoid dairy products, these cupcakes are the perfect treat.

We have created beautiful flavours that contain no wheat, egg, nut, and dairy. These treats are made with beautiful fresh ingredients and dairy alternatives that taste just like the real thing. Whether you are a chocolate, strawberry, coffee or mint lover, you are sure to find a delicious treat that will satisfy your tastebuds and leave you wanting more. Perfect as an occasional treat, our cupcakes are also great for parties and special events where caution must be taken to avoid allergic reactions in guests.

Take a look at our range of cupcakes below to choose a flavour that is perfect for your needs. Each flavour can be purchased in a standard or mini size and packs are available for special occasions such as birthdays, baby showers and corporate functions. To find out more about our products and ingredients, please get in touch by calling 0439 872 222.

* Please note I cannot guarantee all ingredients used in my baking would not be processed on machinery that may have contamination of nuts, soy, or dairy.




DSC_0427.JPG - large

Gluten Free and Vegan Chocolate Sensation

This gluten free and Vegan cupcake is simply lavishing in its dark damp darkness. A luxuriously rich in dark chocolate flavour and incredibly moist. Made with the finest quality organic cocoa, the flavor is set to please all you chocolate lovers out there.  Finished off with a light, fluffy and smooth chocolate vegan buttercream and dusting of cocoa powder.  A perfect balance of chocolate flavors for the ultimate chocolate explosion.   Chocolate indulgence cannot get better than this! 

Standard Size: $4.50 each


Mini Size: $3.00 each


DSC_0424.JPG - small


Gluten Free and Vegan Mocha Sensation

Gluten Free and Vegan, made with the most natural ingredients. Topped with a luxurious Vegan Coffee Flavoured Buttercream and sprinkled with Dairy free chocolate chips.  Heaven for those who love chocolate and coffee.


Standard Size:  $4.50 each


Mini Size:  $3.00 each


DSC_0418.JPG - small

 Gluten Free and Vegan Strawberry

Made with real strawberries.  No added colours to achieve the beautiful pink but only the juiciest pureed strawberries.  Piped with strawberry vegan buttercream and sprinkled with vegan sprinkles.



Standard Size:  $4.50 each


Mini Size:  $3.00 each



CSC_0419.JPG - small

 Gluten Free and Vegan Mint

A luxurious chocolate cupcake infused with a light flavour of pure peppermint oil.

Topped off with a light vegan peppermint Buttercream and sprinkled with vegan chocolate chips.



Standard Size:  $4.50 each


Mini Size:  $3.00


DSC_0420.JPG - large

Gluten Free and Vegan Vanilla Sensation

An incredibly light, gluten free vanilla flavoured delight, with a irresistibly smooth texture.  Vanilla and vegan are no longer boring with a rich flavour and a melt in your mouth experience.  Topped off with a fluffy vegan vanilla buttercream with just the right amount of sweet to give you the perfect vanilla cupcake experience.  


Standard Size: $4.50 each


Mini Size: $3.00 each